01 Public Submissions

Unlike traditional management and record labels, we allow public submissions for review. We truly believe in discovering and helping new talent launch careers in the music industry. If your ready to roll out your single or project feel free to submit it to us and lets see what we can do for you given your current status.


02 Reviews & Responses

When we come across an artist submission that has great potential we will immediately reach out to schedule a time to talk or a sit-down meeting so that we can begin talking. If you do not hear from us within 30 days please take that as a sign that we do not feel our services would help you gain a larger audience at this time. We encourage everyone to submit be please be realistic with yorself about the quality of your music.


03 Campaign, Strategy, Budget

Moving forward, if your music is not already on major straming platforms we will help you get there. We will provide you with a full marketing campaign (artwork, advertisements, motion graphics, venues to perform at, etc) in order to help make your roll out as successful as possible and we will use our leverage and relationships to help discount the costs.


04 Roll Out

When time comes we will begin to roll out your music strategically with the resources we have provided you in order to influence as large as an audience as possible. You do not need the help of a major label to have the respurces of a major marketing campaign and this is when you will see that in full effect.

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